A Board-Certified Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Fierce Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

Being charged with a federal crime has the potential to end life as you know it. Your personal reputation will suffer damage from the charges alone, while a conviction can bring crushing fines, prison time and a criminal record that will haunt your for decades after your have exited the criminal justice system. The best way to avoid these harsh consequences is to have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer working to achieve a dismissal, not-guilty verdict or a plea agreement that is in your best interest.

An Experienced Lawyer For Your Federal Defense Needs

You can turn to the Law Office of H. Manuel Hernández, P.A. for the skilled representation and attentive service you need at a crucial juncture in your life. I have been practicing as a criminal defense lawyer for more than 40 years and am dual board certified by the Florida Bar in criminal trial law and criminal appellate law. I am also certified as a criminal trial advocate by The National Board of Trial Advocacy.

I defend against a wide range of criminal charges at the federal level, including:

Whether you have received a grand jury subpoena or target letter, or you have reason to believe you are under investigation, you need to have a tenacious advocate working to limit your exposure to criminal charges.

Proactive Representation At Every Stage Of Your Case

It is never too early to have an attorney on your side if you face the possibility of federal charges. Call 407-682-5553 to schedule your initial consultation.