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Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Fights for Your Rights

Former federal prosecutor represents clients in a full range of criminal matters

The Law Office of H. Manuel Hernández, P.A. is a law firm committed to providing clients facing criminal charges with a strong defense that reflects the highest levels of legal craftsmanship and integrity. I understand the fear and uncertainty that accompanies a criminal accusation, and I strive to serve as a caring and relentless advocate for your legal rights. As a federal prosecutor and in private practice, I draw upon more than 35 years of experience litigating criminal trials and appeals. As a Board Certified Specialist in both Criminal Trials and Criminal Appeals by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization & Education, I am dedicated to the principles of excellence in legal research, preparation and the art of advocacy. As a bilingual attorney, fluent in Spanish, I can provide knowledgeable legal counsel to a greater client base than many other attorneys can.

Trustworthy advocate guards your legal rights in felony cases

Felony charges can lead to long prison sentences and even the loss of some basic rights. The Law Office of H. Manuel Hernández, P.A. appreciates the fundamental nature of defendants’ rights and battles to protect them in felony cases including:

  • Drug trafficking — Considerations of justice are often overlooked when someone is accused of drug trafficking. I will tirelessly investigate the facts to give you the best chance at a positive result.
  • Money laundering — Financial transactions occur so quickly these days that even innocent transfers can be misconstrued. If you have been accused of money laundering, I can synthesize the key documents to deliver a strong counter to the prosecutors.
  • Corporate investigations — Companies are frequently targeted for alleged misconduct. Allegations are often vague and might seem designed to intimidate executives into surrendering their rights. I know the relevant law and will fight to ensure a fair adjudication.

For these matters and others, I will be there for you 24 hours a day with caring, personalized legal advice.

Experienced Orlando Criminal Law attorney helps defendants fight conspiracy allegations

Allegations of conspiracy often accompany large-scale criminal investigations. Prosecutors also sometimes allege conspiracy when they are unable to gather sufficient evidence to support another criminal charge. I deliver a vigorous defense for these accusations based on my detailed understanding of the required legal elements. Overt acts among at least two people in furtherance of a crime must be proven in order to obtain a conviction. I won’t let my clients be intimidated into accepting a poor offer from the prosecution if the evidence is vague or weak.

Assisting clients accused of any type of fraud charge

Fraud charges take many forms and have been expanded to encompass a wide range of alleged misconduct. Under federal law, specific charges for wire or mail fraud are sometimes brought simply because someone mailed a letter or communicated through the Internet or on a telephone. Fraud generally requires an intentional misrepresentation that prompts someone else to suffer damages.  The subjective nature regarding what constitutes an intentional representation leaves a lot of room for interpretation on the part of zealous authorities. If you have been accused of any fraud-related count, the Law Office of H. Manuel Hernández, P.A. will mount an aggressive defense.

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For any type of criminal charge, the Law Office of H. Manuel Hernández, P.A. provides a strong defense to individuals and corporations. From my Orlando office, I represent clients throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Call 407-682-5553 or contact us online for an initial consultation.

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