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Puerto Rico Federal Court

U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico

Attorney H. Manuel Hernández is a former Federal Prosecutor in Puerto Rico, Colorado and Florida.  He was hired under the Attorney General’s Honor Law Graduate Program as a Trial Attorney in Washington, D.C.  He was first assigned to the Office of International Affairs and Appellate Section.  As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, he was first assigned to the Civil Division in Puerto Rico, handling all aspects of federal civil litigation.  Then he was assigned to the Criminal Division prosecuting violations of federal criminal code, supervising investigations of federal law enforcement agencies, conducting Grand Jury proceedings, representing the U.S. Government at trial, and briefing and arguing appeals. Mr. Hernández was transferred to the Civil Division (Middle District of Florida), again handling all aspects of civil litigation, including pretrial discovery, taking depositions, settlement negotiations, trials and so on.  He investigated and prosecuted all areas of federal criminal code.

Since 1989 Mr. Hernández has been in private practice focusing on criminal trial and criminal appellate .  He has represented individuals charged with serious federal crimes, i.e. Organized Crime, Money Laundering, Health Care Fraud, Drug Trafficking, Bank fraud, Wire fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft,  Securities Fraud, Tax Fraud and many other serious accusations.  He is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court.

Attorney H. Manuel Hernández has an of counsel relationship with the prestigious firm of Almeida & Davila, P.S.C., a full service law firm in Puerto Rico.  We speak Spanish to better assist you.

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